Where can I get a Masters annual golf book for the year 1980 other than ebay?

There is a series of Masters annuals that have a green simulated leather front cover and I need one more for the series, 1980. They are about 80 pages. I look on ebay but it doesn’t come up very often.

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  1. shark315 says:

    Burchfield’s is a top quality golf memorabilia and book store located in Pinehurst, NC and if they don’t have the 1980 Masters Annual, I am certain they can find it for you. Burchfields phone # is: 910-295-6842.

    Good Luck!

  2. Daren M says:


    This is one site dedicated to professional golf

  3. Navydoc says:

    Contact Augusta National Golf Club. You can find them on the web. Or maybe contact the PGA tour office. Both should have a contact link on their web sites.

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