what's instructional golf books would you recommend?

how about wieght training in golf? Is there anything out there really worth buying?

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    1. Ohio_Golfer34 says:
    2. bboard1117 says:

      Golfing for Dummies

    3. Macca M says:


      A Hogan fan?

      I don’t think Power Golf is worth the buy. This book was written pre-1950 which means Hogan still had the duck-hook.

      Five Lessons is probably the best one I have read.

      Tiger and Nickolaus both model their swing on Five Lessons anyway with their own tips.

      When reading Five Lessons, don’t get too caught up in "suppination" of the wrist. Concentrate on the body swing.

      Which brings me to the last part of your question – weights training. The key areas to strengthen are your
      1) legs – squats and running
      2) torso – twisting exercise, sit ups, pilates
      3) shoulders
      4) triceps


    4. “FOUR MAGIC MOVES to winning golf”
      by Joe Dante (1962) is a great book! Not many pictures, but a good read.
      Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews on Amazon:

      Ditto the golf magazines, I love Golf and Gold Digest.

    5. coopertype72 says:

      The Venturi Analysis by Ken Venturi

      You’ll have to find a used copy, out of print since the mid-eighties.

    6. emt_dragon339 says:

      I would recommend Ben Hogan’s Five lessons book, The Art of Putting by Stan Utley, Every Shot Must Have a Purpose is also an excellent book.

    7. phil, phil s says:

      I read Ben Hogan’s "Power Golf" and Jack Nicklaus’ "Golf My Way" when i was a teenager.I found very useful tips in both of these books.The key is to try their different ideas and see which ones work best for you.Every golfer has a different physique so there is no perfect way to swing for everyone.But both of these books offer great tips you should be able to incororate into your own game.Good Luck and enjoy the game.

    8. Dr. Zachary Smith says:

      John Daly’s "Drink my Way"

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