What type of backpack will work best for me? Going to Europe for a month and need ideas?!?! THANKS!!!!?

My roommates and I decided to travel Europe together after our semester ends and we will be overseas for one month! We will be carrying all of our luggage all over Europe!… Therefore, we will need to pack light!

My question is what type of backpack would be best for traveling through Europe?!?!?!

Book-bag type backpack

One with the waist band thing?!?!?

How big?!?!?!

Any help would be awesome!! Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Willeke says:

    The smallest you can get away with.
    I find a smaller pack working better than a bigger one that has a waistband.

    I have, over the years, learned to take smaller packs each time and now I travel with just a day pack or in other words, one that is small enough to take as carry on when flying.

    In that I can take a pair of jeans, shorts, some T-shirts, a sweater and enough underwear and socks for more than a week. With what I wear that is enough for a week in hot weather, or two weeks when it is not too hot, so I need to do laundry about once a week, but I do not need left luggage.

    In my toilet bag I use sample bottles, refilled with my favorite shampoo and so on.
    Mostly I even have space for a net book for internet, a travel guidebook and something to read.

    I am aware that for a first time trip this may seem extreme, but try to get as near in size as you can, it is much easier to travel that way.

  2. I would recommend 2 packs a back pack that is big to carry all of your stuff and a day pack which is the size of a small back pack you would use for carrying books at school.

    You need to go to a sporting good store and try the big pack on and even put stuff in it to give it some weight because not one pack fits everyone and you really need one that fits you make sure it does have a waist band and a chest strap. Then take it home and make sure all your stuff will fit and do not make it so everything has to be put just right or it will not close because you will spend to much time trying to pack it when you move so get one that is a little bigger than what you need and usually the weight difference is not to much from a medium pack to a large pack.

    The small pack is to carry things with you like camera, water, souvenir, just things you will be packing around each day as you explore. I find it also helps to have the big pack on your back and you can put the small pack on your front and it will help balance you as you try to move from one destination to the next.

    Last of all travel as light as possible!!

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