What is the best way to travel down to Heathrow from Manchester?


I am flying Virgin in the summer from LHR to SFO and then returning from LAX – LHR. I live in the North West of England, so what is the best way to travel down to Heathrow?

I am thinking of flying as BA and BMI have some fairly cheap fares atm, but is it possible to through check my bags from MAN, even though I am flying with different carriers? Same question for the return journey?

Or, would it be easier to get the train?

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  1. Mr. T's Pretty Cuzzin says:

    You should be able to check bags through since most major airlines serving the same airport(s) usually have "interline" baggage agreements–they’ll check it through with airlines with which they share interline agreements. I have connected through MAN from USAir to SAS with baggage checked through to CPH; no problems. If cost is issue, see also http://www.megabus.com

  2. worldstiti says:


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