What is the best golf swing instruction book?

I’ve always kind of cycled with my golf swing, especially with my driver. I can only hit my driver straight every so often and I’ve never been able to use a 3 or 4 iron. Does anyone have any suggestions on good books that could help me out with my swing and perhaps all aspects of my game?

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  1. Ben Hogan’s "The 5 lessons: The Fundamentals of the modern golf swing..
    Ben Hogan laid the foundation of the golf swing that is used today by the pros..

  2. Nicoolio says:

    Zen Golf and Zen putting by Dr. Joe Parent are great mental game books.

  3. crystalchan008 says:

    Get ‘Golf Swing Eureka’ $37
    5 Eye-Openers…
    Exposing the Pro Golfers Swing to the Amateur Golfer

  4. unoriginalnamecreator says:

    Reading is fine for gaining an understanding of the mechanics or mental aspects, but to fix your swing, you are going to need a professional to see what exactly you are doing and what exactly you need to do to fix it.
    For most beginners, hitting a 3 or 4 iron is very difficult. I would suggest that no beginner even have these clubs in their bag. Use hybrids instead, they are much more forgiving and will give you a better flight.

  5. srivats says:

    You cannot learn this from a book. Instead try to get the help of a good golf pro and practice.

  6. Unless you are an exceptional athlete that is blessed with very good rhythm, timing and hand-eye coordination, or you have lots of time and money to spend on lessons and practice, you will never be able to get consistently good results with a conventional golf swing.
    If you want a swing that is easier to master take a look at some of the alternative golf swings. This one worked for me.

  7. is there such thing as the so-called BEST MANUAL?

    swinging at the range w/ a pro golfer is still the best.


    find a instructor for kids and get him as your coach.

    it might sound quite embarrassing,

    but those folks are really great teachers.

    i mean, they are patient..

    and will really teach you even the basics.

  8. Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible by Fred Shoemaker
    The Inner Game of Golf Hardcover by W. Timothy Gallwey

    These books focus on a more natural approach to the golf swing rather than try to fit you into a mold.

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