What is the best golf book to improve one's game?

I am searching for the ultimate golf book. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or perhaps you know of good DVD as well…

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  1. warriorn639mr says:

    the ben hogan book. 5 lessons.

  2. Ben Hogan’s 5 lessons isn’t the biggest golf instruction seller for no reason. It really is a fantastic piece of writing. Hogan was noted for his integrity, IMO he didn’t put any false information in this book, didn’t fill it with bluff, and took great consideration on how he carefully worded each lesson.
    It takes quite a bit of work on the range to get the most out of this book. There are no quick fixes. I would say it is not a complete instruction book, and was probably never intended to be. It points you in the right direction for each part of the full swing, it’s up to the reader to put all into practice on the range.

  3. stratis c says:

    anything from dave peltz.. short game is key

  4. Golfgirl says:

    "Jack Nicklaus’ Lesson Tee"

    Might be out of print though…it came out in 1972 I think.

    Books are nice, but there’s nothing better for one’s game than actually playing it, and learning from your own mistakes!

  5. Practice, correct practice is the best tool. But take a look at Practical Golf by John Jacobs. Simplify’s game and it teaches ways to adjust your swing set up to your shot shape. Only 9 paths/directions golf ball can go and it’s either grip/clubface direction or club path that control direction of ball.

  6. emmettgolf says:

    Everyone has a natural golf swing with a couple of problems. "Gold My Way" by Jack Nicklaus and "Seven Fundamentals of Golf" by Ben Hogan, are two great books. The Nicklaus swing is more upright moving more in an up and down motion. The Hogan swing is flatter moving more around. Both books will provide you with enough information to begin to find your personal swing.

    Your swing may be a combination of the two fallling some where in the middle. Look at the swing sequences on http://www.golfdigest.com and notice the smooth natural movement that all good players have. Notice that they don’t have any forced positions or movements.

    Just swing the club smoothly through the ball and make a few minor tweaks so that your swing path through the ball makes it go reasonably straight.

  7. Jason W says:

    If you already have the basics down, "How To Break 90" is a good read and has some great philosophies about course management; like setting your personal par, rather than fighting the course. Shooting for a 5 rather than a 4, or 4 instead of 3 gives you the satisfaction of making your personal par instead of dwelling on your bogeys.

  8. Dennis W says:

    I use the Bible.

  9. jmoss311 says:

    Any of Harvey Penick’s books. Easy reading, lots of info.

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