what golf travel bags are the best? hard case or soft?

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    1. feeferz says:

      well if you are traveling and wanted to protect an egg, you wouldnt use a soft case would you? to protect something…i think one would use a hard case so that the case would take the impact and the item inside wouldnt be harmed.

      so, i would say..hard case =)

      the links below are good travel golf bags. take a look! =)

    2. IMHO, go with a hard case, as crushing and bending are the forces you are attempting to avert and a hard case does best. If I was in the market, I think I’d go with the Trav-a-lite. It’s a travel case, so you don’t need a separate case and bag. The price is right too, use the link below. I’d go with the model 12 or 14.

      By the way, thanks for asking a new and original question, it’s really refreshing!

    3. ncjaguar5 says:

      I’d say it depends on what you are looking for in your travel bag. If you are looking for the most portable, get a Club Glove. If you are looking for the most protection, get a Club Glove. If you are looking for a bargain, you deserve to have your clubs broken. But seriously, Club Glove is used by almost every PGA Pro, without contracts. It is not cheap, but less expensive than replacing your clubs. If you want additional protection, get the Stiff-Arm, which basically prevents your bag from flexing and snapping.

    4. Definitely a hard case. I’ve seen how the luggage handlers throw the bags around. If you value your clubs…go with a hard case!

    5. noname1234567 says:

      hard case. Less risk of scraching or ruining clubs. Also most of them are on wheels

    6. sportgrl93 says:

      hard case

      make sure to get something that will protect your bags!!!!

    7. etnieskicks1441 says:

      hard cases are much more durable, but soft are muchhh lighter. so there’s pros and cons to both. but i’d go with a hard if i was you.

    8. Randy C says:

      Hard case if you’re flying your clubs a lot. I have a padded soft case and I wrap towels around the heads for extra cushion. I haven’t flown my clubs too much, but when I did, they were fine. If you get a hard case, get one with rollers so you don’t have to carry it through the airport with the rest of your luggage.

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