What do you think is the best golf instruction book ever written?

I’m torn between "Ben Hogans 5 Fundamentals" Nicklaus "Golf My Way" or Nicklaus "Lesson Tee" What’s your favorite?
rogue: I forgot about "The Little Red Book" your correct, a great book. I have read it and have around here…. somewhere.

Pejon: Watson’s book on the short game is a great one. I’ll check out the others.

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  1. pejon60 says:

    I’ll name 3 books that I have found invaluable over the last 40 years

    I Leaned to play golf from Nicklaus’ book but I’ll add these to the list:

    1. "How to Play Your Best Golf all of the Time" by Tommy Armour

    Unbelievably good book written by one of the very few people who are both GREAT touring pros and great teachers

    2. "The 9 Bad Shots in Golf and What to do About Them"
    by Jim Dante & Leo Deigel
    Leo won the USPGA twice so he could golf his ball
    It is the finest book on identifying a bad shot and working out how to fix it

    3 "Getting Up & Down" by Tom Watson

    Still the best book on the short game ever written

  2. rogue p says:

    "Little Red Book" – Harvey Penick

  3. Leafsfan29 loves pugnacity says:

    Harvey Penick’s books (i.e. Little Red Book) are anecdotes.

    For me, Hogan’s "Five Fundamentals" and Nicklaus "Golf My Way" are the standard.

    Consider that Messrs. Norman and Woods both credit Nicklaus’ book.

  4. speedingbus2003 says:

    Bobby Jones on Golf is a very good book, a little long winded but he really knew the game, also Ben Hogan’s is also good.

  5. Phana24JG says:

    The Five Fundamentals of Golf is probably the greatest book ever written considering that Hogan had no video or launch monitors to work with, and was essentially self-taught.

    However I have one other book for you to consider. If you are into swing mechanics check out The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelly. It is an incredible analysis of the swing written by an engineer who became consumed by golf. What is so interesting about the book is that it attempts to explain what MUST be done, but how you can use a variety of tactics to do it.

    For me, it began to answer how such fundamentally flawed swings such as Furyk’s, Couple’s or Trevino could play championship golf whereas supposedly superior swings could not get their Tour Card. It really helped me to focus on what to do right, instead of spending hours worrying about what not to do. If you are strictly a feel player, do not even think about reading this book…LOL

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