What backpack does Bear Grylls endorse for Man Vs Wild?

I have SO MANY messages asking ‘Where can I get a Bear Grylls Backpack?’

They are asking about the backpack Bear Grylls uses in Man v Wild.

Bear Grylls does use several different programmes in his programs, the Bear Grylls backpack in this post is a one of his most popular ones.

If you’ve ever seen Bear Grylls in action then you know he is a serious survivalist and gets left in some real dangerous environments. Luckily for him, Bear Grylls’ backpack can hold several essential items to his survival and it stows these items in a convenient and organized manner.




  1. BeachBum818 says:

    Go to his website I`m sure he`s selling it there for some crazy amount. He sells the pants and shirt he wears on there too…the pants are $90…reinforced knees and butt. I`m sure his backpack is there too

  2. The Dude says:

    i have never heard him say what backpack he uses. if you just watch the show you might be able to see what brand it is

  3. Bear Grylls endorses his own brand of backpack on Man Vs Wild and its built by Craghoppers. There are two types of Bear Grylls backpacks one is called the BearPac 25+ and the other is called the BearPac 35+. I found a picture of the BearPac 25+ at http://outdoorsurvivalclothes.com/p_31801/Blog.html about half way down the page and really thats the only site that I’ve found talking about it at all. I think the english version of the craghoppers site might have pictures of the other BearPac 35+.

    bear fan!

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