What are the keys to a great golf swing?

I want to no the way to swing the club properly. Try to explain it like its not straight out of a golf book.

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  1. I’m not working for David Nevogt (the author of The Simple Golf Swing). I don’t even know him and I have never meet him. This review of The Simple Golf Swing is my honest opinion about the book and whether it can help you get a perfect golf swing.

  2. Patrick S says:

    Just keep hacking away. Try to visualize the club coming from the inside, hitting the ball, and releasing to the inside. Also, actually nevermind. I don’t have all day.

  3. IplayadoconTV says:

    It’s impossible to explain detailed physical actions with words. That’s why the best golf instructors are so expensive. But, I’ll give you some great advice. Take some lessons. By practicing an incorrect swing, you’ll just reinforce the errors, which makes it much more difficult to change you swing later on.

  4. The key to a great swing is repeatable consistency. If you can effectively deliver the clubface to the ball and do it repeatably you can play the game well. The easiest way to do that? Swing the club on the shaft plane that was established at address with the face remaining square to that path. Try to comprehend that like its not straight out of a book.

  5. Michael R says:

    Correct, repeatable impact position and nothing else.

  6. brenda st says:

    1. turn in your backswing so your chest is facing your right
    2. get your right hand and your right hip together down thru the ball
    3. turn to the target so your chest is facing your left

    if you play tennis think topspin forehand

  7. phoneburg says:

    alignment, grip, posture, tempo, relaxation… http://www.myphonedied.com

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