What are some good golfing books for a beginner?

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    1. Golflectual says:

      "The Golf Swing" by David Leadbetter. Simple and easy to understand. Highly recommended.

    2. Jeremy S says:

      To be honest, you should hire someone to teach you golf lessons, versus reading about it. You can’t read the perfect swing. You need to swing and let someone correct you. I’ve done the reading, but what actually improves my game is my golf pro checking my swing out every now and then.

      Tough game, but it gets easier each year.

    3. SPATTMAN says:

      Hogan’s =5 Lessons , The Modern Fundamentals of Golf (Short paperback)
      Nicklaus = Golf My Way

      Two classics that are as good today as ever.

    4. judapuh says:

      "How I play Golf" by Tiger Woods. It’s great for both adults and young people…experienced and beginners. Check it out at your local library. Good Luck!

    5. i highly recommend this guy and his website he knows his golf inside and out and his book is a masterpiece especially for beginners his website is at http://urlcut.com/golfpro hope this helps

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