What are some good golf strategy/thinking/lessons decently priced books to buy?

I don’t want a book based on the life of a golfer. My boyfriend plays a lot. And talks about how it’s so great and well…I want to surprise him with a book that is filled with skills, lessons, tricks, strategies, new ways of thinking…stuff like that..that all deal with golf. So if anyone knows of any that I can buy at Barnes and Noble, please let me know.

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  1. If I were getting someone a book on golf I would be getting them a book with lots of god information on the fundamentals of golf. No matter what his skill level he can always work on the basics. After all tour pros do all the time! I would also want a book with lots if great pic’s so I know I am understanding exactly what to do.

    This book is 100% Golf by David Leadbetter. His writing is very clear and has this great way of getting all golfers to understand how important the basics are, he truly does not make them feel so basic.

    No matter what your skill level you will enjoy this book!


  2. Golf is not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella. It talks about the psychological aspects of the golf game. 90% of golf is mental and the other 10% is mental.

  3. emt_dragon339 says:

    Ben Hogan’s Fundamentals book is an excellent book that has stood the test of time, and as some else said Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect is another great book.

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