What are a few of the best books on golf?

Golf Is Not A Game of PerfectAnyone had significant success after reading one?

 I’d be interested in one that encompasses primarily the full swing but has portions dedicated to short game and putting.

A friend of mine told me about a website for golf mental training that has some good reviews on golf psychology books by Dr Bob Rotella, has anyone read these?



  1. Golf is not a game of Perfect– It discusses the psychological aspects of the game and ways to improve your thinking during the round. Golf is 90% mental. The other 10% is mental.

  2. Tiger Woods: How I play golf
    Even if you’re not a Tiger fan, that is a great book. There are hundreds of pages and tons of pictures, very detailed instructions on how to improve your game. I bought the book last year and have seen major increases on my overall golf game.

  3. Golf for dummies

  4. Steve915 says:

    Although it’s over 50 years old, the best book on golf instruction that I’ve ever read, is Ben Hogan’s "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf."

    The first 2 chapters on the grip and stance and posture are excellent and still apply today.

  5. Bob got it exactly right, stole my answer too. ‘Golf is not a game of perfect’ is a book by a sports psychologist named Bob Rotella (I think) who discussed the mental side of golf, and how importiant is it. He has a couple other books but I forget their names.

  6. Another answer for Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons. This has been suggested by many people.I have read the book and use this for reference.You can find this at the major chains.

  7. There are many fine books on the game of golf.
    I carry five playing lessons by ben hogan and harvey penick’s little red book. I also make a point of recommending ben hogan’s power golf to students.

    for a new golfer, five playing lessons is indispensible.

    for lighter reading….golf in the kingdom is a fine read.

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