Walking Tokyo

My day yesterday was spent….walking! With a few metro trips thrown in of course but I must have walked miles, just soaking up the atmosphere of the city !

I started off at the Imperial Palace Gardens, very peaceful and extreme well manicured as you might imagine ! Fell in love with the most beautiful, ancient wall hanging in one of the Palace art galleries, it’s not the best of photos but you can see how the white flowers blend in to the clouds perfectly !

After a looooong walk through the Tokyo National Garden, metro to Akihabara which is ‘electric city’ in Tokyo, full of the latest gadgets, robots etc, a geek heaven actually.

Another metro ride to an old part of the city for a peaceful walk along the river.

Quite a long day, but lots of fun !!


  1. Hi Rita, I’m loving Japan, easy to understand how you and Chris have such happy memories from your time here. 😉

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