Trion:Z Magnetic Bracelets

Golf in Barbados

Golf in Barbados

Whenever we travel, we always try to play golf as much as possible. This is hubby and me on our lasr cruise in Barbados in January ’09.

I’m a very active 12 handicap golfer and play several times week but recently I had a very stiff and swollen wrist, I’m not sure how I did it and I could hardly swing a club. I’m quite into magnetic therapy for health, I had been reading about the new Trion:Z magnetic bracelets and as several people at my golf club were wearing them I decided to do some research.

I bought one from American Golf and I’ve now been wearing it on and off for several weeks. I must say, the stiffness went away quite quickly and I’m very impressed with the Trion:Z bracelet in general. I wear it every time I play golf now and I haven’t had any more trouble.

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