Travel Breathing Mask

WHO declares swine flu pandemic

IĀ  travelled to the US recently and couldn’t stand the thought of people coughing and spluttering all around me. With the WHO recently declaring Swine Flu to be a pandemicĀ  I was definitely more comfortable travelling with this face mask from

Wise travellers reduce their exposure to airborne viruses with a N95 Mask like this. Both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control recommend that healthcare workers who may come in contact with SARS-infected travellers wear this type of NIOSH3-certified mask, so we take the same precaution when we travel these days. Our N95 mask has a special one-way exhalation valve (not included in most N95 masks) for cooler, easier breathing, and adjustable nose clip. Includes four disposable masks and important fitting instructions. (56g) (4-pk) Travel Breathing Mask

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