The Popularity of the Caribbean Cruise

Harbour Cruising has become a popular pastime today, with itineraries around the world and ports of call too numerous to count. However, even with the increasing number of seasoned cruisers throughout the United States today, the Caribbean is still one of the most frequently visited locations for this mode of travel. Caribbean cruises are in demand, and many cruise lines have answered the call by providing itineraries to the eastern, western and southern regions of these islands. Some even offer a variety of Caribbean Bahamas cruises for those who want a quick jaunt to a tropical location. With so many possibilities, it can be hard to know which Caribbean itinerary is the right one for your vacation. However, the popularity of the western Caribbean cruise has led many to this part of the tropics for a number of reasons.

Not just the Caribbean
One of the reasons that a western Caribbean cruise is so popular is that destinations are not limited to the Caribbean region. Many western Caribbean cruise itineraries will include a day at Key West, or a stop or two along the Mexican coastline. Travelers enjoy the opportunity to see more than one country on a single voyage. This variety of destinations also means that no two western Caribbean cruise itineraries are ever the same. Travelers can choose a number of cruises to this area on a number of different cruise lines and see new sights with every voyage.

Easy Embarkation
Another reason that many cruisers choose a western Caribbean cruise is that they can choose from a number of embarkation ports throughout the United States coast. While most ships will still set sail from somewhere in Florida, travelers can choose from ports in Miami all the way around the coast to Tampa. Some cruise lines will also begin a western Caribbean cruise from other southern states like Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. This gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy another area of the United States before setting off for more exotic locations.

The most common time period for a western Caribbean cruise is seven nights, but there are other itinerary lengths available as well. The typical seven-night western Caribbean cruise is an excellent choice for cruisers who are guaranteed at least two days of relaxation while the ship is at sea. Some ports will offer extended stays so visitors can get their fill of one destination before moving on to the next. The other advantage to the western Caribbean cruise is that just about every cruise line offers this itinerary. This means travelers have an even broader choice in the type of cruise they can take.

A western Caribbean cruise is one of the most popular with travelers for a number of reasons. If this sounds like the kind of tropical vacation you are looking for, contact your travel agent or cruise line today.

About Author: Reinhard Hueber is the Managing Director of Self Drive New Zealand – a company that has been providing incredible self drive tours in New Zealand for over 10 years.

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