During a recent trip to spain on one very clear night, I was in awe of just how many stars were out there.  I lay on a sun lounger in the still of the night and tried to pick out  constellations. I’ve been interested for a long time in the stars but the only constellations I know are the easy ones we all watch for as a child like the Bear or The Plough etc.  I made a mental note to search out books etc that would explain how to find constellations and planets etc.

Once home, of course, back in the UK with cooler , cloudy, starless nights, I forgot about it totally.

Until, during a game of golf the other day my playing partner mentioned that he had been lying on a sun lounger (YES, IN THE UK)  until 2.30 AM watching ‘Perseus’s shower !’

He said there were HUNDREDS of shooting stars and they were appearing every few seconds.   I was totally astonished that all this could be seen by the naked eye.

I discovered that he  is a VERY keen amateur astronomist so I really had chance to pick his brains on watch to watch out for in the night sky.

For one of his BIG birthdays, he had been given a really powerful telescope and often took it with him on vacation.

THAT is something I may well get into but for now, he recommended an excellent book for beginners to be able to see what’s ‘out there’ just with the naked eye.

The book is ‘Skywatching’ by David Levy and is available on Amazon.

Editorial Reviews from Amazon reviews on ‘Skywatching by David Levy
Editorial Reviews
From Library Journal
Levy, a noted comet hunter and amateur astronomer, provides the text for this volume in a new guidebook series. Profusely illustrated, Skywatching has been well designed to advise and encourage the potential “backyard” astronomer. Brief background explanations speed the reader through relevant topics such as the history of astronomy, types of stars and other celestial objects of interest to skywatchers, and techniques and equipment for the amateur. The core of the book features a series of seasonal sky charts to be used in conjunction with a generous alphabetical arrangement of constellation maps. Viewpoints for both northern and southern hemispheres are represented, with the sky’s offerings accessible through binoculars, small telescope, and the naked eye clearly set out for any approximate latitude and time of year. Although the ever-varying motions of the planets are necessarily omitted, the creators of this guidebook have supplied more than enough inspiration to send readers out in search of a sufficiently dark, unobstructed view of the night sky.

Product Description
A comprehensive family reference guide to all the amazing phenomena of our night skies, with helpful charts and detailed photography This comprehensive introduction to our night skies has been written by a team of expert astronomers. Their collective experience, combined with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach creates the perfect guide to understanding galaxies, eclipses, the moon and constellations. Our solar system is brought to life through extraordinary images, and our night skies made easy to understand with colourful charts. Visually exciting and always informative, Skywatching covers both the historical and scientific aspects of astronomy. / Leads you through our immediate Solar System with the Sun, the Moon and the planets / Takes you into deep space, revealing the stars, galaxies and nebulae / Comprehensive bi-monthly star charts that can be used anywhere in the world, with constellation charts showing 85 star formations / Useful information on the equipment used for skywatching, from the huge optical telescopes used by professional astronomers to makeshift observatories –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


From the beginning of time, we have turned our eyes skyward with awe, curiosity & wonder.

Here is an accessible & authoritative guide to the heavens with up-to-date tables, diagrams, practical advice & techniques.

It is a thick book of fabulous photos, dot-filled charts & ethereal names. It gives us a fantastic view of skywatching through the ages, how things got their neames & how to see what we’re looking at!

Good gift for someone starting to stare at the sky! ..

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