SeaDream Yacht Club: World's Best Travel Experience

In 2006, readers of Conde Nast Traveler ranked SeaDream Yacht Club as one of the top 100 travel experiences worldwide. In fact, SeaDream was the only cruise company to be included in the listing. The other 99 winners were all hotels and resorts. Additionally, readers voted SeaDream “World’s Best Small Passenger Shipping Line,” and the company achieved the highest overall rating of any cruise company – large or small. This week, I boarded a SeaDream vessel to find out for myself if SeaDream truly merits the awards and accolades. What I discovered may surprise you. My question was this: How can a cruise company operating two ships that are more than two decades old outperform all others?

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  1. giovanninoal says:

    as it is become reporter of crociere???con the passion for the navi???ciao

  2. my father is employee in this yacht

  3. gago ka ba?

  4. Nice yacht!

  5. Can I work there to?

  6. yes.. if you apply for the job..

  7. jmarsiglos says:

    I used to work one of the hotel here in las vegas. If you give me a chance to work in your company me I know ahead if how much I could posible make an hour?

  8. uhm, sir dont ask me for that..

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