Sea Dream 2 Captains Blog Day 3

Sea Dream 2 Captain’s Blog Day 3

Today we have been all day at sea on the same course, 127 SE for Devil’s Island and we are facing a very strong current against us. We knew that there would be a current against us. Normally in February this current going NW along the coast has an average of 1 to 1 ½ knots. But I think we are facing stronger; up to 3 – 4 knots against us and with a swell of 2- 3 meters. We have a challenge to make it to Iles Du Salute and Devil’s Island on time or before sunset.
Today there was some “motion in the ocean” but most of the guests have been outside enjoying a sunny day and walking on deck (16 laps on Deck 6 = one mile). Our guest photographer, Sue Flood did a very nice lecture this afternoon. I know that many of our guests are waiting for the Amazon River and the adventure ahead. The sunsets on the river are absolutely fantastic .
Have a great evening all…. from a yacht sailing against the Guiana Current.

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