Ready made meals for the Elderly in the UK

As I do so much travelling, I often have concerns about how I can make sure that my elderly mother is eating enough and whether she is getting the right nutrition from what she does eat.
We have tried meals on wheels for her but she wasn’t keen on the selection.

After a visit to some friends of my Mum who are also up there in age, in their 90s, and live alone, they recommended a company called Wiltshire Farm Foods who deliver ready made meals to their house.

They select from a menu each week and the ready made meals, which are frozen, are delivered to their door each week.

This means that their carers, mainly social services, can then defrost the meals and cook them each day .
This means that the worry of preparing food and worying about nutritional balances is taken away.

Their daughter is thrilled with the set up and recommended that we try it.

Wiltshire Farm Foods have a starter pack for just £19.95.

We tried that first and my Mum was thrilled with the choices and the presentation.
We now have a set order each week, she chooses her favourites and they deliver them to her door.

I’m happy because I know that even when I’m travelling she is eating well and there is plenty of food for her in the house.

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