Narrow Boat Holidays

Canal boat holidays in Great Britain have changed a lot over the last few years, so if you have pre-concieved ideas about what to expect based upon a bad experience you had 20 years ago during a rainy summer holiday with your parents, prepare to be surprised.

Any seasoned narrow boat holiday maker will quickly point out that nowadays the boats are simple to use as well as being very spacious and come well equipped with all mod cons.

The appeal of a canal boat holiday comes not from its simplicity, but rather the totally relaxed experience of drifting quietly along the waterways amidst the unspoilt British countryside taking in the fresh air and tranquility while occasionally stopping for lunch at a traditional waterside restaurant, or enjoying a cooked breakfast in the glittering morning sunshine before visiting a stately home or even a theme park along your chosen route.

And theres no need to worry about where to find your boat, there are many hire firms across the UK that cater to this thriving market, so you are sure to find the right boat for you and your party, no matter how large or small.

For more information about Canal Boat Holidays visit the Uk Holiday Site

The boats are like a home from home, equipped with all you’ll need to provide for your party; the kitchens are equipped enough to cook a sunday roast for a decent sized party and if the the weather turns bad then you can snuggle up in fron of the TV, or watch a DVD in the centrally heated lounge area.

The bathrooms too do not disappoint, decently sized and consisting of a toilet, a basinĀ  and a shower (or a batch if you would prefer).

At the start of your holiday you will be met by a guide who will make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of handling the boat as well as informing you of standard canal boat etiquette and from there its up to you what happens next as you make your way through miles of waterways exploring the Great British countryside.

{If fishing is your thing then simply moor up your boat and cast your rod overboard. It really is the holiday with ultimate flexibility built in – you choose where you want to go and how far you want to travel}.

For more information about Canal Boat Holidays visit the Uk Holiday Site

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