Nagano by Bullet

I got my Japan Rail Pass today which allows me to travel anywhere in Japan by rail so I wasted no time in jumping onto a bullet train, something I’ve been wanting to do since we arrived !

Where to go?

Well, it was a case of sticking a pin in a map and seeing what it lands on ! It landed on a city called Nagano, which I discovered was the host town of the 1998 Winter Olympics !

SO, right across Japan to the other side I go!

The bullet train is wonderful, it’ SO fast you almost feel you about to take off, I travelled about 260 kilometres in just under an hour and a half !

It’s very relaxing to just watch the world go by and the because you are going SO fast the scenery changes very quickly from the built up city scape to exotic countryside !

I didn’t stay in Nagano for very long, just an hour’s walk around then a quick turn around back on the bullet !!

Plenty of time to browse through the ‘train shop’ magazine, and look what I found:

Ian Poulter hat for
Japanese golfers ??
Much healthier train food than the
crisps and nuts we get in the UK !

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