Mount Fuji and Volcanic Fissures

Mount Fuji and a visit to the Mount Komagatake Ropeway to the summit where volcanic gasses are leaking out of the mountainside creating ‘hot springs’. The smell of the gasses was incredibly strong, sulphur mostly although there were warning signs pointing out the dangers of the gasses for those with asthma, luckily we didn’t stay there too long.

One of my favourite photos is this one where you can just glimpse Mount Fuji through all the volcanic gasses.

The man in the photo is actually dunking a wire basket full of eggs so that they cook in the hot springs water, apparently the ‘older’ generation like to visit the hot springs to eat the eggs, believing it will give them another few years of life and health!

The eggs turn black in the water, hmmmm….just didn’t fancy eating one somehow !


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