Iquitos Peru – Traffic MADNESS!


Iquitos Peru This video was taken after arrival at Iquitos airport, Peru! I thought I’d seen traffic at its worst, such as Cairo perhaps but I’ve never seen anything quite like this, even in Thailand, the home of the Tuc Tuc!

Today we left Lima to join Sea Dream 2 at Iquitos.

Iquitos!! What can I say! WHAT a place! We landed at a tiny airport, very excited to be finally in the Amazon rainforest,luckily, no rain as yet!
We drove through a local market that was right through the main road in Iquitos, I have NEVER seen as many tuc tucs in my life! Even Thailand has no match for this, we were moving, SLOWLY through a sea of hundreds of motor cycle engined tuc tucs, with open store fronts on the left and market stalls on the right selling all kinds of fresh produce, fruits, veggies, it was amazing! Noisy, vibrant, probably a bit smelly but totally fascinating!
Our destination before boarding the boat was to a local restaurant, what we didn’t realise is that the restaurant was in the middle on the Amazon! Fab! We took a local narrow boat about 500 yards out into the middle of the river to a floating restaurant that actually had a swimming pool attached to it. On the menu was treats of palm salad, bbq’d local fish with chips and cake for dessert. Lovely!
After a quick walk to explore the restaurant area, it was FINALLY time to embark on Sea Dream 2.


Iquitos Peru - traffic MADNESS!

I thought I'd seen it all.....but....

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