I want to learn to play golf, can you guys suggest any good books or videos that would good teaching tools?

To learn how to play. Thanks!

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    1. Dashing Geek Redux says:

      Read "Anna Karenina." Then tell me what it is about and how it ends. I want to appear smart like I read it myself.

      Oh, golf. Gotta take lessons; it is too hard to learn the swing. Most public courses offer cheap classes; I took one and it really helped. Also, most driving ranges have a "pro" or two on staff. Some of them are good, some are not. One of the biggest truisms in golf is that it takes a lot longer to unlearn bad habits that to learn good ones the first time.

      Good luck!

    2. Jason G says:

      How about a book from the guy who is the best in the business. Tiger Woods’ "How I Play Golf" I’ve had it for 5 or 6 years and I still thumb through it when my game starts to go south.

    3. Silly,

      There are many books out there for the beginning golfer. But a couple of the easiest to learn from are, The Little Red Book and, The Little Green Book. Both were written by long time Texas Tech golf coach, Harvey Penick. He taught many young golfers and, several not so young. There are very easy to read and have loads of information.

      Hope this helps,


    4. WINGNUT17 says:

      The DVD A J Bonner "The truth about golf".

    5. Flatstick says:

      Ben Hogan’s book: Five Lessons, the Modern Fundamentals of Golf. It is about $12 and an easy read.

    6. Big Dick says:

      David Leadbetter Interactive – one of the world’s best teachers.

    7. Kwizzle says:

      purepoint golf
      check out my review

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