I didn’t think it would ever happen……

I didn’t think it would ever happen……Well, not to me at least, not after 25 years, surely it wasn’t possible, too long in the tooth!

On the other hand…my first experience…in Kuwait of all places……25 years ago was perhaps a foretaste of things to come !

Was it inevitable?

Well, it probably was, I saw how my kids were doing it, it all seemed too good to be true, but, they were happy and all seemed to be going great for them, but that was at least 5 years ago and STILL I didn’t believe it could happen to me, I was too set in my ways.

The first crack came last year, I just wanted to TRY it, so I did, just a small one, it couldn’t hurt, surely!

In fact, it didn’t hurt at all, it was really quite a pleasant experience, I kept waiting for things to go wrong, to stop me in my tracks, to infect me or paralyse me in some way, but nothing ever went wrong, I just couldn’t believe it.

I guess the writing WAS on the wall, I quite liked the feelings I was getting, peace, tranquillity, no hassle, everything just worked, like a well oiled machine!

I don’t know what actually pushed me over the edge and made me want to do it, I probably got tired of the struggle, the waiting, the endless little circles spinning round, I just couldn’t take it any more, I wanted to move to a better world!

It was TIME!

So, I did it, I went out the next day and actually did it, I’m going to make the change, go for the WHOLE experience!

All the way home I kept thinking that my kids would never believe it, not ME, who was NEVER going to change.

My friends, have been telling me for YEARS, there WAS a better way, I didn’t believe them, until now.

So this is it!  I’ve finally done it and I haven’t looked forward to doing something quite as much as this in YEARS!

Today,….          is a new day  ..when I finally …………………

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