First Authentic Japanese Sushi

We didn’t waste much time before trying out the ‘real thing’ in a sushi restaurant in Tokyo and have now  discovered just HOW different authentic sushi is to the ‘westernised’ version we have in the UK. There was NO ‘California’ roll, NO ‘Dragon’ roll, just pure sushi,basically LOTS and LOTS of totally raw fish.

I have to admit that my favourites in the UK are the California rolls with LOTS of soy sauce and wasabi but I must say that the ‘authentic’ sushi experience WAS fantastic !

So, the way it works is this…….

We sat at a long counter, as in the UK BUT, the main difference is we had our own chef ! Once we had ordered, our plates were laid out immaculately !

The chef then prepared each piece  of sushi in front of us and placed it precisely in the centre of the plate with a description of the fish and how it was prepared. Then, he stood back and waited for us to finish before preparing exquisitely,  the next piece !

Now, with regard to the wasabli and soy sauce that I usually plaster my sushi with, he VERY delicately painted on a thin coating of soy sauce on some pieces  with a tiny smidgeon of wasabi on others, with a very firm suggestion as he arranged them on our plates, ‘NO extra soy sauce with this !

It WAS a very special meal and I ate fish I’d barely even heard off, even raw king crab. VERY tasty actually!

This sushi restaurant was recommended to us by our hotel as being on of the most authentic where ‘all the locals’ go , it was a great recommendation although she did omit to mention that it is virtually impossible to find. We walked in circles trying to find it and at one point must have  looked SO lost , poring over a street map which was half in Japanese,  that one lovely Japanese man virtually ripped the map out of my hands with his enthusiasm in wanting to help!

This was just one more example of how incredibly helpful and friendly the japanese people are. It was only a few minutes earlier that one man had gently pointed out that my shoelace was undone, before bowing and quietly going on his way!

Eventually,we found the restaurant with the help of another lovely Japanese man, who, once he had pointed us in what he THOUGHT was the right direction, came RUNNING to find us to tell us he’d made a mistake and led us by the hand until he’d found it for us.

Not ENTIRELY our fault we couldn’t find it as we had been expecting a little restaurant at floor level, this one was on the 6th floor of a building with the sign in tiny Japanese writing so no wonder we had been going round in silly circles !

Anyway, to cut a LONG story short, it was a great find and lots of fun !

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