Fairwaves Golf Cruises

Enough talk of the power of the mind, to get your mind and body in total harmony and combine it with your passion for golf, this could be the answer for you !!

Fairwaves Golf Cruises is owned and run by two very close friends of mine, Kirstine Mayall and Alan Phillips. I can personally recommend their golf cruises as we and a group of friends thoroughly enjoyed a two week cruise in the Caribbean playing golf almost every day ! Perfect !!

Fairwaves Golf Cruises

A golf cruise is a great way of island hopping or going from country to country and playing different golf courses. Travel with ease, comfort and style and wake up each morning in a new place and to a new challenge. Usually the first to disembark, you will travel ashore with the ship’s resident golf professional who will be your escort for the day. Priority tee times are reserved in advance, leaving you to enjoy the scenery and concentrate on your swing.

On board ship, there are golf nets and many cruise lines offer simulators and putting greens. You can groove your swing or improve your game by taking a lesson with the ship’s PGA professional. Usually, video analysis is available which will help you identify any swing faults.

You can cruise and play golf all over the world. The most popular destinations are the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, the Mediterranean, the Canaries, Bermuda and the Baltic. However, if you want to play golf as you cruise from Singapore to the UK, for example, we can organise that for you as well. There are many cruises to choose from where you can play golf and we can advise as to which itineraries are the best for you to experience some of the renowned courses of the world. Simply contact Fairwaves and let us know where you would like to go and when.

A golf cruise is for everyone – for families, couples, singles and groups. All levels of golfing ability are welcome. It is also the perfect holiday for golfers with non-golfing partners or family members. A floating resort, cruise ships have extensive facilities and offer a wide range of activities. There is plenty for everyone to do.

A cruise offers great value for money and, at Fairwaves, we offer competitive prices. So, where you would like to cruise and play golf? Does the Caribbean, Bermuda or around the Hawaiian Islands appeal? Call us on +44 (0)1276 25511 or email info@fairwaves.co.uk and we would be pleased to advise
and discuss your holiday plans.

About Us

At Fairwaves, we specialise in cruising. Having travelled extensively worldwide,we are able to offer a personal and professional service and a knowledge which is unlikely to be matched by a generalist travel agent.

Kirstine Mayall decided to combine her interests in travel and sport with her work and formed Fairwaves. Wanting to see the world, she had spent several years working on the cruise ships as an Entertainments Officer/Assistant Cruise Director. She loved every minute of it and is passionate about cruising and what it can offer. Always a sports person, she is now a keen golfer. Whilst on the ships, she started to play golf in Mexico, Spain and the Canaries. When she was not playing golf, she was scuba diving in places like Acapulco or Cabo San Lucas. Wherever the ship went, she took every opportunity to go ashore to pursue her favourite sports.

Co-founder, Alan Phillips, is another avid sports person and golfer. He has travelled throughout the world and has a wide-ranging knowledge of golf and golf courses worldwide. Alan is also a qualified diver.

We aim to help you choose the right cruise for you and ensure that everything is organised in advance. If you are interested in a golf cruise, as experienced golfers, we will take the hassle out of organising tee times so that you are able to relax and enjoy your game. Transport to and from each course is arranged for you and you will be escorted by the ship’s golf professional.

There are many themed cruises to choose from, depending on your interests and hobbies. If you want to go diving in the Caribbean, we can organise this for you on a cruise. If you want to play bridge or pursue other hobbies, we can advise you. In short, we can help you find the holiday to suit you. Simply ask us and we would be pleased to have a chat about the wide choice available.

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