Cuxiu Muni Village, Brazil

Cuxiu Muni Village, Brazil

We had a very interesting day today at Cuxiu Muni, Brazil. It’s a tiny village, I doubt whether they have visitors at all as they were quite unperterbed by a few of us walking past their tiny shacks.

They were all very friendly and in exchange for apples, pencils, books for the children, they were happy to allow us to observe them in their daily lives. I have to say that even though it was POURING with rain the whole time we were there and there was mud just about everywhere, they seemed happy and content with what they had. The scenery was beautiful, rustic, natural and as always, amazing!

More later on our night Zodiac safari along the jungle line, hoping
to see snakes, Caiman, tree frogs all by torchlight. Need to double
up the bug spray though as they will also be out at night!

Hope to get some photos up soon , just need a faster internet┬áconnection, although it’s quite surprising that we have one at all as we’re so far up the Amazon!

More later…….

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