Choosing a Laptop bag or carrier for travel?

I’ve seen 3 styles, messenger bag, backpack and one with rollers. What’s best to use for air travel? I’m was thinking about getting the one with rollers but won’t all the vibrations affect my notebook? My next choice would be the backpack type but I’d really like some adivce on this. Thanks!

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  1. Soylent.Hero says:

    I’ve had my lappy going on 3 years now, and it’s treated me well, and still runs well, but it’s showing it’s age, especially considering i have had it powered on for all three of those years, except for the occasional restart…

    anyhow, i just lug it around when need be in a backback that has a extra sleeve in it, i wasnt sure if it was for textbooks or whatever, but it fits my notebook [pc :)] quite snuggly, with a little strap over the top, and is basically padded all around.

    But you know, as long as you are not careless, and do not put things on top of it, there’s really not much reason to have any sort of bag :p, only damage ever caused to my lappy was when i flipped it over to put a ram upgrade in, and the case got scratched from some debris on my desk.

    but, i’ve done a bit of flying too, the backback worked. Much easier to sling on and off of your back (which is a Godsend if you have lots of other luggage to lug around over the shoulders and in your hands), and pretty easy to unpack for security, and it’s small enough in all directions to fit in the overhead shelves (although that’d depend on the size of your lappy as well) But there’s really no reason to spend a ton of money on a snazzy bag, when i find my kmart backpack does the job perfectly. Unless you are a business man, then i’d go with a briefcase style with a shoulder strap.

    Lot’s of rambling on a simple question, but I intended to show the backbacks cost-effective usefulness. Hope it helped 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what ‘messenger’ bag is, get one that’s made by Targus, go to their website.

  3. I travelled for nine years, including to Korea and Japan from the USA and all over the USA with a variety of laptops, using a Targus roller bag. Travelled by bus, train and aircraft. Never had a problem with vibrations from the roller bag. I ended up getting a backpack called a "bugout bag" and put the roller bag with the laptop inside the backpack so I could walk around airports easier and not worry about forgetting the roller bag somplace.

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