Travel And Motion Sickness Solutions

Motion sickness is, unfortunately, the bane of any trip or vacation.

It makes traveling to and from your destination an unpleasant, nausea-inducing experience a MISERABLE journey as I can relate to from several awful boat trips.
– and it may also restrict the things you can do while on holiday.

Below are a few tips for helping you to deal with travel or motion induced sickness:


The root ginger has LONG been recognized for its nausea reducing properties, and is most frequently suggested for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness.

It is a totally natural remedy for those suffering with travel or motion sickness and comes in several forms. My personal favourite is ginger chewing gum.

The best way of taking ginger is in the form of herbal tablets. These can be purchased from a health food store or online – though if you do buy online, check the seller is reputable to ensure you get authentic goods.

Like all herbal products, ginger does not work for everyone, but it is a possible non-medicinal method of at least easing travel sickness.


You can purchase sea sickness wristbands from various places, including health shops and online. Usually, these are woven cotton bands which you place on your wrist and wear for the entirety of your traveling. While they are most commonly associated with sea sickness, users have reported they work on other forms of motion sickness (in the car, for example) also. They work by putting pressure on the inside of the wrist, much in the same way as chinese accupressure.

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