what golf travel bags are the best? hard case or soft?

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    Best Laptop Bag for Traveling for me???

    Me and my dad travel a lot and I always take my laptop. But we can never get my laptop to fit in without anyparts of it sticking out. So we looked at that Sky Mall magazine and saw a couple that would fit it but looked "uhh". Like old gray haired business man "uhhhh". So I’m looking for one that will hold a laptop 11 1/2" and bigger. Oh and please make it rolling and maybe an actual color other than brown, gray or black!!! Thanks in advance.

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    Choosing a Laptop bag or carrier for travel?

    I’ve seen 3 styles, messenger bag, backpack and one with rollers. What’s best to use for air travel? I’m was thinking about getting the one with rollers but won’t all the vibrations affect my notebook? My next choice would be the backpack type but I’d really like some adivce on this. Thanks!

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    What is the best way to travel down to Heathrow from Manchester?


    I am flying Virgin in the summer from LHR to SFO and then returning from LAX – LHR. I live in the North West of England, so what is the best way to travel down to Heathrow?

    I am thinking of flying as BA and BMI have some fairly cheap fares atm, but is it possible to through check my bags from MAN, even though I am flying with different carriers? Same question for the return journey?

    Or, would it be easier to get the train?

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    Best place in Europe to get funky travel bags?

    So on topshop.com I saw the FUNKIEST holdall bag but then they took it off the website.
    Do you guys know any website or shop in Europe where I can get nice holdall traveling bags? =]

    Thank you!

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    Best bag for traveling?

    I am going traveling round Japan Australia New Zealand and Hong kong in hostels what is the best sized bag to take and what kind for example rucksack or travel bag? and a suggested bag please?

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    What is the best make/style/brand of golf travel bag that's around $100?

    I’d like a bag that is good quality and durable, and probably not the kind that is a completely hard casing.

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      I’m Looking For A Comfortable Travel Bag For My Trip

      I will be flying for vacation this year.

       I am used to driving where I can take pretty much anything I want. My main concern is what to carry on the plane. I would like something lightweight, yet roomy and I want it to be CLASSY.

       I have a Canon IS 2 camera I want to take, my mp3 player also. I have to carry medication and jewelry.

      [ReviewAZON name=”leather healthy bag” id=”6″ display=”inlinepost” asin=”B001CE600C” trackingid=”excursionists-21″ country=”uk” width=”200px” float=”left” imagetop=”10px”]
      I would also like to have a change of clothes, toothbrush, things like that in case the rest of my luggage gets lost. I have looked at backpacks, messenger bags, etc. I really don’t know what to get. If you have any experience with this I would appreciate your advice.

      If you are recommending a specific product please tell me exactly what it is so I can find it.

      I’m specifically interested in a healthy back bag type of thing, preferably in leather?

      I’ve seen a photo, I want one like this one.
      Thanks for your help.

      Kipling Bags

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      Healthy Bag Bags becoming VERY popular

      I notice that the Healthy Back Bags are being heavily promoted on UK TV. FINALLY!

      I’ve had a healthy back bag for a couple of years now and I take it everywhere I go. These bags are versatile, comfortable and extremely practical. Funny thing is, whenever one of my friends see my bag, they fall in love with it and go off and buy one for themselves!