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Bientangs Cave Restaurant Hermanus


Every once in a while you come across something, or somewhere that makes you feel at peace with the world. One such place for me is Bientangs Cave Restaurant, Hermanus, South Africa

I was introduced to Bientangs by some very close friends about 3 years ago and now every time I visit South Africa , Bientangs is a ‘must go to place”!

Bientangs Cave Restaurant , Hermanus has won many prestigious awards, including the coveted Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence !

I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Bientangs in the whale season but the location of the Cave Restaurant is probably the best place to spot whales on the whole of the whale coast!

Bientangs Cave Restaurant Awards

Probably my Best Ever Photo

slider-dolphins-1This photo was taken from a remote beach on the Western Cape called Dappat Se Gat!

The dolphins put on the most beautiful show surfing the waves and I was lucky enough to have my camera exactly at the right place

They were waiting behind the wave until a good one came along and then all surfed the wave together!



An update to the above photo- I thought this was a ‘once in a lifetime’ photo but when I want back to the beach, camera in hand, there they were again, only MORE!


Leopard – one of the most stunning of all

The day we saw the leopard was incredibly exciting, they are one of the most difficult animals to find as they hunt at night and often sleep up in trees during the day.

We had been searching the previous day but it had proved to be very elusive so when we managed to get SO close to this one, it was an ‘awesome’ experience.

On one of our last days on safari, our Masai driver and guide, Mandila, stopped on the plains at sunset for what had become our customary African sunset glass of wine. The tree we stopped at was particularly of interest as when we looked up, we saw the carcass of what had obviously been lovely meal for one of the leopards.

Quite a feat when you think that the animal was probably heavier than the leopard itself !!

Wildebeest on the move

There were hundreds of thousand Wildebeest on the plains of the Mara and in amongst them were their constant travelling companions, zebra.

They say that the zebra are the ‘eyes’ of the wildebeest, the early warning system if you like. The wildebeests’ eye are more on the side of their faces so although their peripheral vision is good, they don’t always see well what is right in front of them whereas the  zebra don’t miss a trick !

Cheetahs on the Mara

We spent such a long time admiring these two cheetahs, it was almost like they were posing for the cameras, relaxed and happy in the sunshine, it was as though we didn’t exist. Such incredibly beautiful animals and just one more species to add the the incredible list of animals we were seeing each day, cheetahs,leopard,elephants,water buffalo,wildebeest,zebras, lions,ostrich,giraffe,warthogs,hippos, gazelle and antelopes GALORE and that’s just the animals, have’t even  STARTED on the birds yet!

Pumba makes an appearance

I remember seeing the Lion King show in Disneyland Florida when it first came out all those years ago. I have to admit that Pumba was one of my favourite characters!

This particular warthog in the Masai Mara made a very startled appearance just as we were driving past, he stared at us in horror, then reversed back into his hole, however, unfortunately for him, his ‘mate’ must have been right behind him and he  backed down onto her tusks!

They both shot out of the hole like rockets and screamed off over the plains!

It was a hilarious moment, has us in stitches every time we see the photo!

Hippo on the Plains

I hadn’t imagined just HOW many animals we would be seeing on Safari in the Masai Mara, it seemed like wherever you looked there was something unbelievably enormous walking past!

Thrilled to Bits today!

Considering that the Olympic Games are in  the UK,  my own country  of residence this year,  it has been virtually impossible to get tickets for the Olympic games.

I applied for Olympic games tickets last year, and was unsuccessful in the ballot. Today the Olympics ticket Website offered those who were not successful in the 1st series of applications to reapply for Olympic Games tickets.

I tried first to get tickets for athletics, I did try and get Olympic tickets for the athletics final day which, due to the amount of people who would probably be trying to buy tickets for the Olympics, was probably not a good idea. I kept trying and trying but still got the message nothing available, then I tried for rhythmic gymnastics and diving in the hope that I would get to see Tom Daley compete and although there were diving tickets available, at £350 for each ticket for 1 hours competition I thought it probably was not worth our while.

However, I did attempt to get Olympic tickets for the Grand Prix freestyle dressage in the equestrian arena in Greenwich and much to my surprise, I was successful !!

So, now I have 2 tickets for the Grand Prix freestyle dressage event which also includes the victory ceremony. I’m so excited about this and hope to go with my daughter, so at least we will get to experience the Olympic atmosphere even though we probably will not be able to move in London because I’m sure the London transport is going to be jammed up during the Olympic Games.

Totilas, the prancing black stallion.

For those who don’t know me, during the 15 years that we lived in Bahrain, Middle East, a huge part of our lives was spent competing in equestrian events, mostly show jumping and  dressage.

I’m looking forward to spending a memorable day at the Olympics with my daughter, knowing that it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

This is a link to the Olympic Games schedule.


 Interflora UK

A Stroll By The Dubai Creek

Spice Souk, DubaiToday was a very special day spent with my son, doing the ‘tourist’ thing in Dubai.

We started with a trip to the viewing gallery on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa Tower. VERY IMPRESSIVE !

Very well managed, well organised and quite spectacular when you get to the top, nowhere near as scary as I thought. As a person who is ‘not that fond of heights’ it was a case of ‘Feeling The Fear and Doing It Anyway’
( There’s a great book by that name by the way, one of my classic reads)

We followed this with lunch at the Dubai Creek Golf Club followed by a lovely stroll through the old traditional gold souks and the spice market. I LOVE the spice market, the aromas are diverse and fragrant and for me, SO reminiscent of my years spent living in Bahrain.

A lovely day, for me, a day  truly ‘lived’ !

Dancing Fountains, Burj Khalifa, Dubai


Dubai Fountains

This is the ‘view from my window’ again.They show dancing fountain displays every night from 6pm to 11pm, every half hour, each display lasts about 3 minutes and are SPECTACULAR.I haven’t managed to capture the sound very well as I’m taking the videos from my hotel room window but the visuals are FANTASTIC !

‘The Prayer’ Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion

Stunning visual display, not sure what the music is

Tribute to the late, great, Whitney Houston
“I Will Always Love You “