Never has an Apple Tasted SO Good !

Shirl2SIX days of a liquid only fast- today is the day I start to eat REAL food again- starting with a crisp, green apple, salad for lunch and steamed vegetables for dinner ! Bliss ! ( Should have been a 5 day fast but I had so much energy I added an extra day ) Lost 6 pounds of Christmas excesses that had been refusing to go  ! Yay !

This will be the 3rd time I’ve done this particular colon detox programme and each time I’ve felt AMAZING afterwards, full of energy, Christmas holiday excesses bloating GONE!  I always feel fresh and bright after I’ve finished it, also very impressed that hubby managed to do the whole thing again this time, probably because he knew he wouldn’t be getting fed by me for 5 days anyway so may as well join in.  😉

If you’re not too squeamish, have a look at the customer reviews on the US site Blessed Herbs, under ‘Colon Cleanse’ – those photos really are what you see ! ( They are NOT my pics I might add ! )

The first time I did it for me was dramatic, 2nd and 3rd not so dramatic but equally effective in getting rid of bloating  and feeling great, losing a few pounds etc.

If you want to know the gory details, leave a comment below and I’ll fill you in.

For my friends who said ‘How did you DO that?’  😉  , here’s the info:

colon-cleansing-kitDetails for friends in the UK:

Colon Cleansing Detox Kit – Blue Herbs UK

Details for friends in the US:

Colon Cleansing Detox Kit – Blessed Herbs US

The Japanese Toilet Seat

Now, don’t get me started on the Japanese toilet seat!! 

Well, ok, I will anyway…..they are EVERYWHERE !!

NOT just in the fancy hotels, but in restaurants, train stations, bus stations, department stores, I read somewhere that 70% of Japanese HOMES have them too !

Now, it’s not JUST that they are heated and that in itself is a wonderful thing, the remarkable thing is that they have an inbuilt bidet with a little arm that pops out and sprays various bits ( does give you a fright if you are not expecting it ! ) AND the most elaborate ones even have a hot air dryer, so you never have to use toilet paper again ! Just think of how much you could save on toilet paper alone !


I noticed that they were for sale in the duty free department stores in Akihabara, ( electric town), I’m curious about how many tourists buy one to take home, could be very interesting explaining these to customs !

Listen to The Help

As I travel up and down the UK from London to North Wales SO often these days to visit my Mum, who’s really not doing too well, I find I get very bored driving the 5 1/2 hours EACH WAY!

I discovered an economical way of downloading the latest audio books to my iPod so I can now play them through my iPod in the car !

I signed up with, they have HUGE selection of audio books with all the latest titles.

My latest audio book download ‘The Help’ was wonderful, about 16 hours of a REALLY good story, read by authentic Southern voices. Fab!




Audiobook Downloads at

Audiobooks at!