A Day in Dubai

Beach Camel

More pictures to follow soon, Cape Town tomorrow then on the Vegas in a few weeks!

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A Stroll By The Dubai Creek

Spice Souk, DubaiToday was a very special day spent with my son, doing the ‘tourist’ thing in Dubai.

We started with a trip to the viewing gallery on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa Tower. VERY IMPRESSIVE !

Very well managed, well organised and quite spectacular when you get to the top, nowhere near as scary as I thought. As a person who is ‘not that fond of heights’ it was a case of ‘Feeling The Fear and Doing It Anyway’
( There’s a great book by that name by the way, one of my classic reads)

We followed this with lunch at the Dubai Creek Golf Club followed by a lovely stroll through the old traditional gold souks and the spice market. I LOVE the spice market, the aromas are diverse and fragrant and for me, SO reminiscent of my years spent living in Bahrain.

A lovely day, for me, a day  truly ‘lived’ !

Spot The Skyscraper

Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai A few different aspects of the Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai.

It’s a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ really, the ‘spot the skyscraper’ title, just a bit of fun as the area I was walking in was dominated by the amazing Burj Khalifa Tower, great for photography!

Dancing Fountains, Burj Khalifa, Dubai


Dubai Fountains

This is the ‘view from my window’ again.They show dancing fountain displays every night from 6pm to 11pm, every half hour, each display lasts about 3 minutes and are SPECTACULAR.I haven’t managed to capture the sound very well as I’m taking the videos from my hotel room window but the visuals are FANTASTIC !

‘The Prayer’ Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion

Stunning visual display, not sure what the music is

Tribute to the late, great, Whitney Houston
“I Will Always Love You “

Dubai Sunshine

Burj Tower Dubai

Have a lovely view from my room at the moment, of the Burj Tower and fountains in Dubai.

It’s nice to feel a bit of warmth after the cold weather in the UK recently although the weather even here is a bit strange, a bit cloudy and hazy with a storm threatening.

I’m hoping we DO get a dramatic thunderstorm, photos from here could be spectacular.