Dylan Thomas- Laugharne, Wales

Dylan's Thomas' home for many years

Dylan’s Thomas’ home for many years

We spent a wonderful day visiting the home of Dylan Thomas, in Laugharne, UK.


Even if the poet, writer and broadcaster Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) hadn’t lived at the Boathouse in Laugharne for the last four years of his tragically short life, it is a truly remarkable place to visit.

The Boathouse terrace offers wonderful views of the Taf estuary and the Gower beyond – a haven for egrets, lapwings, herons, oystercatchers, seals and otters with fishermen and cocklers continuing the ancient traditions.

The Boathouse tearoom with its locally sourced, home-cooked menu provides a welcome respite for walkers tackling the newly launched Wales Coast Path.

As well as the tearoom, there is a furnished front parlour, an upstairs exhibition area showing a 24 minute film, a shop and toilet facilities.

It was Dylan Thomas, however, who made the Boathouse iconic. It is the building most closely associated with him and the stability of a permanent home meant he enjoyed a creative renaissance. He worked in the Writing Shed above the Boathouse with its remarkable and inspiring views of four estuaries.

The first poem he wrote there was ‘Over Sir John’s Hill’, in which he describes the view from the shed, writing of birds stalking their prey and bringing death in the midst of this beauty.

Life, death, beauty, tragedy, eternity and God – Dylan could see them all from the window of this unique place.


Amazing Pink Sunset

I’ve never seen a sunset quite like this one taken from Waterkloof Vineyard in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town. Because of the bush fires raging close to table mountain the sky is quite incredible.pink sunset Gordon's Bay

Oyster Catchers

Oyster Catchers Hermanus

This pair of beautiful Oyster Catchers have been sitting on their nest for well over 3 weeks in the spectacular Bientangs Cave Restaurant in Hermanus, Western Cape.

I love this photo of the parent protecting her egg from the cormorant!

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Sunset Gordon's BayWe were treated today to THE most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen.
Taken in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town after a day of ferocious winds in the Western Cape!

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Bientangs Cave Restaurant Hermanus


Every once in a while you come across something, or somewhere that makes you feel at peace with the world. One such place for me is Bientangs Cave Restaurant, Hermanus, South Africa

I was introduced to Bientangs by some very close friends about 3 years ago and now every time I visit South Africa , Bientangs is a ‘must go to place”!

Bientangs Cave Restaurant , Hermanus has won many prestigious awards, including the coveted Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence !

I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Bientangs in the whale season but the location of the Cave Restaurant is probably the best place to spot whales on the whole of the whale coast!

Bientangs Cave Restaurant Awards

Probably my Best Ever Photo

slider-dolphins-1This photo was taken from a remote beach on the Western Cape called Dappat Se Gat!

The dolphins put on the most beautiful show surfing the waves and I was lucky enough to have my camera exactly at the right place

They were waiting behind the wave until a good one came along and then all surfed the wave together!



An update to the above photo- I thought this was a ‘once in a lifetime’ photo but when I want back to the beach, camera in hand, there they were again, only MORE!


A Day in Dubai

Beach Camel

More pictures to follow soon, Cape Town tomorrow then on the Vegas in a few weeks!

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Boulders Bay Penguin Colony | Cape Town

Penguins inSouth Africa? I had no idea we would be able to walk amongst penguins in Cape Town, in a beautiful setting in Boulders Beach.

`’ There are few places in the world where you can get this close to a breeding colony of penguins, swim close to them in the sea and enjoy their private sandy beach.

Boulders Beach is situated near Simon’s Town in False Bay between Fish Hoek and Cape Point.

It’s about 2km from the Simon’s Town train station, which is the last stop on the scenic Southern Line railway route. The sea here is good for swimming and the big, round boulders on the sandy beach provide some shade and shelter. Since it forms part of the Table Mountain National Park, there is an entrance fee, which goes towards paying for conservation of the endangered African penguins that live here.`’

The Japanese Toilet Seat

Now, don’t get me started on the Japanese toilet seat!! 

Well, ok, I will anyway…..they are EVERYWHERE !!

NOT just in the fancy hotels, but in restaurants, train stations, bus stations, department stores, I read somewhere that 70% of Japanese HOMES have them too !

Now, it’s not JUST that they are heated and that in itself is a wonderful thing, the remarkable thing is that they have an inbuilt bidet with a little arm that pops out and sprays various bits ( does give you a fright if you are not expecting it ! ) AND the most elaborate ones even have a hot air dryer, so you never have to use toilet paper again ! Just think of how much you could save on toilet paper alone !


I noticed that they were for sale in the duty free department stores in Akihabara, ( electric town), I’m curious about how many tourists buy one to take home, could be very interesting explaining these to customs !

Nagano by Bullet

I got my Japan Rail Pass today which allows me to travel anywhere in Japan by rail so I wasted no time in jumping onto a bullet train, something I’ve been wanting to do since we arrived !

Where to go?

Well, it was a case of sticking a pin in a map and seeing what it lands on ! It landed on a city called Nagano, which I discovered was the host town of the 1998 Winter Olympics !

SO, right across Japan to the other side I go!

The bullet train is wonderful, it’ SO fast you almost feel you about to take off, I travelled about 260 kilometres in just under an hour and a half !

It’s very relaxing to just watch the world go by and the because you are going SO fast the scenery changes very quickly from the built up city scape to exotic countryside !

I didn’t stay in Nagano for very long, just an hour’s walk around then a quick turn around back on the bullet !!

Plenty of time to browse through the ‘train shop’ magazine, and look what I found:

Ian Poulter hat for
Japanese golfers ??
Much healthier train food than the
crisps and nuts we get in the UK !