Canon EOS450D


When I first started taking photos, way back in my teens, always used to have an SLR camera, that was in the days before digital imaging and processing was quite expensive. Once my kids came along, time for photography went out of the window and there was never any room for a big lumpy camera so we always bought the slim ones that fit in your pocket. The small cameras are brilliant of course, especially now that digital imaging is so very easy and inexpensive.

However, I’ve always been hankering after having a ‘serious’ SLR camera and now that we travel without our teenagers most of the time, I’ve gone back to my roots and just bought myself a Canon EOS45oD. The reviews on this camera have been so good and it is so popular it was a no brainer for me to choose this one. One main spec is that is is quite light relative to many SLR’s. I bought mine at Jessops UK as they have some really good deals on at the moment.

While I was researching cameras, I came across an auction site called Swoopo which was quite intriguing. It’s called an ‘entertainment auction’ site! I haven’t had time yet to go into it in great detail. It’s NOT like eBay, you purchase a pack of bids and try to win the auction. I tried a few bids before realising that it something you need to be ‘in the know’ about before you start bidding. When I have a few minutes I will seriously look into Swoopo because you can get some REALLY, REALLY amazing deals and because it is a relatively new concept it’s time to jump on the bandwagon before EVERYBODY finds out about it.
I did some research and found an eBook called ‘Win Swoopo Auctions’ , which is full of inside tips and tricks on how to win auctions on Swoopo.
For more information on this eBook, read more about it on the Swoopo page on my site.

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