Review Bear Grylls Adventure Shirt

There’s a great sale on at the moment at CragHoppers Outdoor Clothing,  at up to 60% off!

My husband bought this  shirt for our holiday, he LOVES it, it’s fantastic quality and style!.

It’s a lightweight, long sleeved shirt with UPF 40+ ‘SolarDry’ material that blocks the sun’s rays  for complete protection and wicks away moisture.

The pockets are vented to help the air circulate and the material is unbelievably strong yet dries really FAST!

The fabric is SolarDry supplex ripstop with a lifetime guarantee!

The shirt is well made with neat stitching with slotted buttons and narrow webbing attaching them to the shirt.

The sleeves are buttoned at the cuff or you can roll them up and fasten them with a buttoned tab.

All in all, it’s a great practical shirt for travelling or trekking because it’s hard wearing, light and  it dries incredibly quickly.

bear-grylls-adventure-shirt_metalbear-grylls-adventure-shirt_black-pepperAnd the best bit? NO IRON !

NOW, If only  I could find a women’s version !


Ben Lumb (Bradford UK) – 23/05/09
I have a range of Bear Grylls clothing but this is far my favourite out of the lot. Super lightweight, Super tough material and if you do get it wet it dries so quickly. I live in mine ! !

Stewart Tanner (Memphis, TN) – 27/05/09
I love this shirt, its light, keeps me cool, and plenty of pockets. I plan on taking this to Belize next month and really testing it.
Bear Grylls (Worldwide) – 04/06/09
“From jungle swamp mosquitoes to searing sun, this shirt has saved my skin time after time – literally!”
Bear Grylls (Worldwide) – 04/06/09
“From jungle swamp mosquitoes to searing desert sun, this shirt has saved my skin time after time – literally!”
Andy Maclean (Devon, UK) – 05/07/09
Have a couple of these shirts. They are so confortable, almost feels like you havent got it on. The lightweight material makes them maybe cooler on a hot day than a normal t-shirt. Always take them on hols with me as you dont need to iron and they dry quick.
Robert (Berlin) – 25/07/09
It’s the best shirt I ever had!
Love my adveture shirt, i hike the beaches of the cape and this shirt wic’s away sweat like you would not believe. I left it on when i dove into the surf, and within min on the beach, The shirt was dry. No quicksand here in BOSTON yet, but i’ll let ya know.


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