Are we mad?

My first thoughts as my alarm clock went off this morning at 3am were “are we MAD?”
Going on an adventure such as this to Peru and the Amazon rain forest when our combined ages are around the 120 years total ( and there are only 2 of us by the way) in search of what, adventure? Paddington bear?

It was dark, it was raining, we got to Heathrow at 4.30 only to find out that the check in desks don’t open until 5am! Could have had an extra 1/2 hour in bed!

I feel like I’ve been packing for about 2 months, trying to think through what we will need for a month in 2 different climates, mountains, then the rainforest, not easy when you know you can’t just nip out and buy something you might have forgotten.

Anyway, we’re on the plane now, ready to take off, the adventure begins!

To Madrid now to catch our connection to Lima, Peru!

More later!


In Madrid airport now, it’s really nice, very modern. Have another hour here before the flight to Lima which is about 12 hours.

I’m beginning to feel awake now and really looking forward to the adventure which will start when we arrive in Lima, somewhere totally different to anywhere we’ve been before. Watch out for pics…..SOON!!!


  1. You haven’t posted anything for a few hours which must mean your flight is going to plan and you are flying to Lima right now, I am pleased to deduce!! Safe landing!

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