are there any left-handed golf instruction books/videos out there?

I just started playing golf about two years ago, and i love it…however, just about ALL of the instruction books and videos and magazines cater to the right handed golfer. so, when I read those, I have to "translate" the wording based on the fact that I’m a lefty. any help would be appreciated.

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  1. rokndrumm3r says:

    im a left handed golfer as well, but i have always been stuck with translating…actually, when i was younger, i played a whole year right handed, haha that didn’t work. but my instructor videotapes me and has a software which takes different pros swings and makes them left-handed (tiger woods for example or lorena ochoa) so i see right handed pros swinging left-handed, lol! its just a mirror function thing, so if u can google it and possibly find the software, im sure it will help ur game tremendously, hope i helped!

  2. go 'stros says:

    get a personal trainer. it will really help. i have one.

  3. Unfortunately I haven’t come across any materials that cater to left-handed players specifically, but I wanted to point out that many training aids either can be used by lefties or are offered in LH versions.

    I’m thinking along the lines of the Momentus weighted and Medicus hinged clubs as well as the hundreds (thousands?) of other fitness and training products.

    Best of luck!

  4. Fitty4ex says:

    Get the Momentus swing trainer. It honestly changed my game in a week. I used to shoot only woods and wedges. 3-7 wood, and a 48, 52, and 60 degree wedges. I’d carry my irons but if I hit them the would go 5 feet. I shot an 81 without hitting an iron. I hit a 91 with a 7 wood and putter.

    I got the momentus, it came with a DVD and I started hitting the ball better instantly. The weight of the club naturally taught me the right way to swing a club. Also it’s great before a round to warm up with. It used to take me 9 holes to find my swing, now I can hit the course running.

    Moral of the story is, I bought the momentus a month ago and it’s already revolutionized my game. Check it out.

  5. You’re probably going to be stuck with "translating". There are some books out there but if you limit yourself to lefty books only, you’ll be disappointed at whats available. Translating isnt that hard. I’m an instructor and I have found no difficulty in teaching the lefties whatsoever.

  6. Knows Nothing says:

    watch a video in a mirror, that should do the trick. (A book would not work as well and be hard to read.)

    Try playing as a righty, Lefty is actually a righty playing from the right side of the ball.

  7. The Great Jonesini says:

    Check out Dorf on Golf. It helped my game immensely.

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