Arariba – Indigenous art of the Amazon – Alter do Chao

Today we stopped at a wonderful town called Alter do Chao, Brazil. In the morning, we hiked for a couple of hours along a sandy trail to the top of a small mountain, the last part of the hike was really steep but the view from the top was BREATHTAKING. I’ll write more about what we saw on the walk in another post but one of the best bits of Alter do Chao was discovering  an AMAZING indigenous Indian art gallery called Arariba.The town of Alter do Chao is quite small and the few people we saw were very friendly and pleasant. We had heard of Arariba from the crew on the boat as it is known to be one of, if not THE best gallery for Indigenous Indian art and crafts in Brazil.Mentioned by the international travel guide ‘Lonely Planet’ , ‘ Arariba is the most complete shop of indigenous art of the Amazon with an authentic collection from more than 80 tribes.’Since 1999, Arariba has been working to encourage the Indian art-craft production, believing that this is the main source of development and sustainability on many Brazilian tribes.


I was so impressed with the gallery and what the owners are trying to achieve that I took quite a number of photos whilst I was there and they are displayed below this post.Visit their website here:

Arariba Indigenous Art Gallery, Alter do Chao, Brazil

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