Am I REALLY THAT much of a GEEK??

We’re going to be away from home for quite a long time on this trip to Machu Picchu and the Amazon, almost a month in total and probably most of it without full internet access!! EEEEEEK !!!

SO this means what??? Well for me, LOTS of reading, books to catch up on, etc. I’m just in the process of choosing what to take, best seller lists, here I come!

Although, I keep saying I’m NOT going to do any work, there is one project that I hope to work on while I’m away, I’m currently writing an eBook on how small businesses can use Linkedin to their benefit , so one of my Kindle ‘holiday reads’ will be ‘The Power Formula for Linkedin Success.”

Oh no! Does that REALLY mean I’m a true GEEK?



UK Kindle


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