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About Excursionists | Excursionists

About Excursionists

Welcome to Excursionists.co.uk my personal travel blog .

About Me !

My friends often say that as I travel so much and as I love designing websites, that I should develop a travel type of website/blog, so…. I thought the time was right, SO… here it is.

I add things as I go along, photos, videos, reviews, recommendations, tips, usually while I’m on an excursion if possible although quite a challenge when cruising in the depths of the Amazon rainforest as last month.

It’s a labour of love for me as I really enjoy writing and with all the years of experience of booking flights, hotels, transport, entertainment, kids camps, golf courses etc etc I hope that my experiences will be useful to those who share my wanderlust!!

I was quite late before I started travelling, 28 years old in fact, but my first overseas  trip, which was to Uppsala Sweden, was a real eye opener and opened the floodgates to what has become quite a life of journeys and jaunts!

After Uppsala, was a summer vacation to Greece and Crete and then my first ( of many ) ski trips, this one to Kitzbuhel, Austria. By this point I had come to realise that my life in banking in the UK was just too staid and predictable so, I changed my life completely and got a job in finance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!!

Hmmmmm, quite a turn around from my first 28 years spent in North Wales, with the occasional trip down south to the big smoke, London!

Little did I know it that my move to Riyadh which was originally to be no more than 3 years max, would be such a permanent life changer which would include marrying and raising two children who are now well into their twenties.

The happiest and most memorable years of my adult life were spent in Bahrain, which, after living in Saudi Arabia with all its restrictions for 5 years was like moving to Paradise Island, I’m saddened to read of the changes that are currently taking place in Bahrain. We remained in Bahrain, very happily,  for 15 years until 2000 when we relocated to London, UK.

During these 30 years, as a family, we have travelled extensively, to China, Hong Kong (3 times), Philippines, Thailand ( 3 times), Cyprus, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Ixtapa in Mexico, Kos in Greece…….more…check out the list at the bottom of the page.

We got married in Maui, Hawaii, then continued on to San Francisco, Houston and Wales before going back to Bahrain.

Oh yes, my husband is originally from Egypt, so in Egypt we’ve been to Cairo of course, (many times) Alexandria, El Alamein, Hurghada, Soma Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, (several times), Abu Simbel, Luxor, Aswan, to name just the ones I can remember.

Many, many trips to the US: New York, Boston, Connecticut, Orlando, Florida,Daytona Beach, Vermont, Houston,Washington DC, Hilton Head South Carolina, touring from Napa Valley down the coast through Carmel and Monterey (two of my most favourite places of all time ) to Las Vegas!

Hmm..there’s more in the US, I’ll remember later…….

In the winters, mostly European ski trips to Kitzbuhel in Austria (also once in the summer to play
golf !) , Wengen in Switzerland,  Courcheval in France and more (later).

After we relocated to London in 2000 we made multi trips to Europe of course, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria and others.

THAT, was all while our kids were with us, SO, once they left for their Universities, we started a new spate of travelling and discovered cruising, not JUST cruising, cruising with GOLF!!

We are both very keen golfers and have a very close friend who is a member of our golf club, Foxhills, who organises Golf Cruises. We’ve now been on two golf cruises, both to the Caribbean, although visiting different island each time, Barbados,Martinique, Bequai ,Dominica, ST Kitts, Antigua, St Maarten, Tortola, (can’t forget Pusser’s Bar, Tortola ) ST Barts, Grenada, Aruba,.

We have fallen in love with cruises because you unpack ONCE and are transported to magical destinations effortlessly !

Our passion for the past couple of years has been travelling on Sea Dream.

The very latest cruise (March 2012 ) was mind-blowing, starting with a land based adventure to Machu Picchu, Peru, then joining Sea Dream  in Iquitos, Peru to sail through the Amazon River through Peru, Colombia and Brazil, finishing up in Barbados, THAT was definitely the trip of a lifetime, you can read MUCH more and see hundreds of photos on my Excursionists Travel Blog.

My blog about our Amazon Rainforest experiences has recently been featured on the
Sea Dream Facebook page,  fame at last!

The best thing for me  is that the work that I do now, Social Media Consultancy, can be done anywhere at any time so I’m able to travel and work at the same time..

In fact, the last time I visited Bahrain , I developed a website for my long time friends from the best riding stable in Bahrain so you see, work for me isn’t work at all, it’s a passion.

Other sites of mine:

Excursionists Travel Blog

Excursionists Facebook Page

Golf Mental Training

Golf Mental Training Facebook Page

Dragons Net Social Media Consultancy

Dragons Net Facebook Page

Exploring Hypnotherapy

Out of curiosity, I’ve been trying to remember the countries I have travelled to since my first ‘jaunt’
at the age of 28:

Wales, (of course)


Egypt- Alexandria- El Alamein-Hurghada-Soma Bay-Sharm El Sheikh(multiple)-Abu Simbel-Luxor- Aswan

Far East:

Hong Kong (several)
Thailand ( several)

Middle East:

Abu Dhabi

North America:

New York
Orlando-Daytona Beach-Florida
Washington DC
Hilton Head-South Carolina
California- Touring Napa Valley down the coast through Carmel and Monterey (two of my most favourite places of all time ) to Las Vegas!

South America:

Peru, Colombia, Brazil, French Guiana

Ixtapa in Mexico




ST Kitts
St Maarten
Tortola, (can’t forget Pusser’s Bar, Tortola )
St Barts



WELCOME to my World, and WELCOME to my presence on the World, Wide Web !!


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